“Where love is deep, much can be accomplished” – Dr Shinichi Suzuki

Studio Policy

Miss Stephanie of Chevalier Musique Studio Policy

Students’ Responsibilities
• Please play your instrument at home as often as possible between lesson .
• Complete all assignments from your teacher.
• Know what your goals are– your practice goals, performance goals, and goals for long term progress.

Parents’ Responsibilities
• Please encourage your child to play the piano at home. Be involved with this activity at home. This is an endeavor that requires consistency and a long-term commitment.
• Communicate with the teacher. We can be your best resource and guide to answer any questions, and we are glad to talk with you.
• Be timely- this includes paying tuition on time and arriving to lessons on time. 

Teachers’ Responsibilities
• Structure each lesson to be a positive, music-filled experience that centers around what is best for the student.
• Plan long-term and short-term goals to help the student reach his or her full musical potential.
• Communicate openly with the student and parent about his or her progress.

Tuition and Attendance
• Tuition is due prior to the first lesson of each month. No lessons will be taught without full payment.
• Tuition will not be reduced or altered in any way due to a missed lesson by the student
• The teacher will make a (next steps) video during the students missed lesson time for excused absences. 

Performances and Recitals
Adjudications and public performances are an important part of learning to play piano or sing. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in studio events, group classes, Piano Guild Auditions, and the Spring Recital. Festivals and competition participation can be decided based on the teacher’s and parent’s recommendations for each student.