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How to prepare yourself and your space for your first piano or voice lesson

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This is the studios first blog post so I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Stephanie Bramble-Chevalier, Mezzo soprano, Pianist and Coach. I attended The American University Washington, DC and St Marys College of Maryland for Undergraduate study, The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music for Graduate School. I have completed training certification in all 7 Suzuki Piano method levels and am a trained Bel Canto method singer and teacher. I had my European Opera debut with the Opera Theatre of Lucca Italy and spent most of my professional performing career at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC singing with The Washington National Opera. I have taught for 39 years and have been performing for 50 years and counting!

Lets chat for a moment about how to prepare your space for your at home practice. What you accomplish at home practice is vital to your progress as a musician/learner. 

But first........lets take a walk down memory lane.........

Think back to what it was like preparing for your new school year as an elementary student. The school would send out the list of supplies, which required an exciting outing to the Drug Store or the 5 and Dime to get everything you needed and were careful to save the brown bags to cover your books! You had a space to do your homework and a spot for your backpack and we would like to recreate this same scenario for your music lesson preparations.

How to prepare your practice space:

* choose a welcoming location for your Piano or Vocal space. Just say no to dark,moldy basements or faraway attics.
* remove any items that are not required for your music session from the space.(de-clutter the space) no photos or decorative items on top of piano
* make certain you have your books, metronome, pencil, colored pencil, and any other materials required by your teacher in a basket by the piano
* lighting is important for reading music and lyrics,  add any necessary lamps as needed

How to prepare yourself or your child for Piano or Voice lessons
* choose a time to practice each day...and stick to it
* listen to your instrument of study using a free streaming platform, be sure to include a wide variety of periods, styles, genres and artists
* attend concerts live or online this will build your understanding and give you inspiration!
* keep fingernails neatly trimmed flush with the fingertip
* sit at the correct height with are parallel to the floor and feet firmly on the floor or on a stool

 You can easily be successful in your Music studies, all it takes is preparation, dedication and an openness to receive and try something new.

See you in the studio!

Miss Stephanie

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